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I don't support neocons at all. But answer me this question.
If a neocon, a liberal, a communist, a Nazi, a tyrant, a leftest, a rightest, a Zionist, a Jew, an Arab, a negro, a European, was asked what color is grass, what would the answer be?
Information is gathered from ALL sources, not just a narrow view from ONE perspective
Grow up ronpaulwins. If you really wanted liberty for US citizens, you would get your shit together and work hard for liberty, instead of trying to belittle DPer's and those who fight against the NWO.
Dickhead, and nasty little(?) troll.
I am not ashamed to say " I don't like you" and I am open to the very real possibility that deep in you heart, you don't belong on a liberty site.
Nasty little man.