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Much bigger question to be asked:

Is there a difference between a pagan and any member of an organized religion?

Throughout history, only certain people seemed to have pipelines to the Almighty. They were looked upon as special (godlike) and they were made leaders throughout the Old and New Testaments, Koran, and beyond to the present time. You have heard I'm sure of Reaganomics or "trickle down economics." Well this is trickle down commands from the Almighty.

For example, take the Pope. God told the Popes what to do, like make 400 years of Crusades killing in the name of God, and then these Popes told the people what to do. Like in the Old Testament, countless people were slaughtered by God giving the command to kill to just one person who told the rest to carryout this order. I don't know why God wouldn't just communicate directly with individuals with commands as important as committing genocide. These trickle down commands were based upon one man having a pipeline to God's will. This type of thing is fraught with potential corruption and paganism for following one man's wishes rather than the Almighty SHOULD HE BE WRONG. Are these also forms of paganism?: celebrating Easter derived from Estrus and Christmas derived from the lowest point of the Sun cycle, and calling upon all of the Saints to pray for us, and carrying crosses, wearing special clothing, eating or not eating special foods, having statues or pictures of gods, etc.