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Not entirely correct

The US Fedral Reserve Note known as the dollar is an inflationary currency. It is printed at will and created out of debt based upon work to be done by generations in the future.

Bitcoin (like gold) is a deflationary currency. It is impossible to print or arbitrarily create btc. Work must be done to produce them. Like gold there is also a fixed rate supply of BTC as well as a fixed number that will ever be created (21 million).

I know what OP is getting at, nothing has a 4000 track record like gold. But bitcoin is the kind of agorism that is designed to force the kind of societal changes that we want to see. Look at btc as our secret weapon to destroy the central bankers and central planners along with them.

Bitcoin is subversive. That's why it is so critical.

Anyone else feel like they've been doing a lot of bitcoin explaining/defending these past few weeks?