Comment: Silver's average so far this year is $24.26 per ounce.

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Silver's average so far this year is $24.26 per ounce.

The "FRN" price of a silver dollar (being 371.25 grains, or .7734375 ounces) is thus 18.76 FRNs for 2013 to date.

That would mean those prices would translate to:

Enchiladas with chile $0.42 ≈ 7.88
Mexican Style Cole Slaw $0.10 ≈ 1.88
49er Special $0.49 ≈ 9.19
Gourmet Special $0.59 ≈ 11.07
1/4 Chicken $0.45 ≈ 8.44
Beef Swiss Steak $0.69 ≈ 12.95
Jumbo Fried Shrimp $0.79 ≈ 14.82
Creamed Cauliflower $0.15 ≈ 2.81
Homestyle Coconut Meringue Pie $0.13 ≈ 2.44
Deluxe Mexican Dinner $0.59 ≈ 11.07
Deluxe Seafood Platter $0.89 ≈ 16.70
Creole Shrimp with rice $0.59 ≈ 11.07

To be sure, most of those prices are about 10-20% on the low side, so this menu would still be cheaper than what you could buy today but I would think that our massively bloated government is sucking up the difference. Though taxation was certainly not "light" in the 50s the overall impact of government on the cost of business was not nearly as high as it is today.

It would be interesting if someone quantified that factor for such comparisons.

*as an additional consideration, many restaurant plates contain much more food than they used to. So it's possible if we knew the portion sizes, these prices might be even closer to present day than the above illustrates.