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I don't own a printer.

My idea was to save a digital wallet on a digital stick offline. Just plug it into the drive I have on my Mac and download bitcoins into it. This could also be used for any POS devices set up in stores to be used by customers when Bitcoin is more universally traded.

My concerns were not specifically related to storage issues. It was the risks associated with the network and its accessibility by malicious hackers (possibly employed by the vested interests) that could destroy the trust that is required to have a successful global currency. These concerns still exist for me and could well become valid if/when Bitcoin threatens the global banking networks. For all I know it may be an intelligence operation to snare the unwary and destroy the entire concept of such free market currencies. Having worked for 25 years in the financial markets I have seen what is possible even when done "legally". The potential for skullduggery is almost unlimited.

It was simply a speculation too far for me since I am not sufficiently computer savvy to understand the inner workings of the system. The broad concept is simple enough but how it all works via computer language is a closed book to me. It is this risk aversion that moves me to buy silver which I consider to be an insurance policy against the inevitable death of fiat currencies.

On which note I should say that Bitcoin is not a FIAT currency as others have asserted. A currency that is created as the medium of exchange and unit of account by government FIAT is so called. Bitcoin is the opposite of a FIAT currency. It is a pure market currency that only gains value and utility when people use it and invest in it. Why they do so is irrelevant.

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