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I understand your points

I understand your points completely. I too do not possess the required computer intellect to fully understand the entire underpinnings of this system. However from what I do understand the mere fact that every minute of every day the number of users and unique transactions increases and is added to the full record. The longer the system operates the harder it is to compromise. If anyone had honestly wanted to co-opt it the best time doing so would have been in the weeks after it began. I do think someone could make good money though by creating a curriculum and offering course in cryptocurrency technology.

As for not having a printer...I have read some posts that you can effectively create a public/private key pair just by rolling dice in real life and writing down the keys. I DO NOT understand how this would work AT ALL! But I did read about it and it is probably worth researching...

Prior to the invention of cryptocurrencies I was a gold/silver bug all the way. I still do believe that 'species' assets are the ultimate store of value. There are however many many significant drawbacks to using them in day to day transactions: Most businesses don't accept them as payment, few people keep scales and know how to accurately assay gold, they are easily stolen/confiscated, with the use of 3D printers it is easy to 'counterfeit' gold with tungsten... I say these things not to discredit gold -- I still think gold is the best ultimate store of value. If I personally hold 24c gold coins/bars that I personally know are 100% and accurately weighed I would feel very confident in that as a store of value. The problem would be when I tried to spend them. Cashing in large amounts of gold for cash certainly has the potential to raise red flags. I know Im starting to ramble... but yeah just a few thoughts.