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You are so full of shit

What credible academic evidence do you have that the diary of anne Frank was forged? Are you suggesting that what happened to Anne Frank did not happen to any Jews at all? Or just that her story, while identical to the story of many Jews, was a fraud? The diary was researched for its authenticity in the 1980's, and the diary was verified authentic. That is backed up by credible academic evidence. Your idea of evidence is some piece-of-garbage website with an article full of grammar and spelling errors. The whole article is based around the premise of the Holocaust being fake. The author does not even use proper spelling and grammar to make his case. Give me a break. I did not believe anyone except Robert Faurisson believed Anne Frank's diary was fake. Then again, Robert Faurisson thinks the whole holocaust was faked. He also recently accepted an award from some anti-Semitic group while the man presenting the award was dressed as a concentration camp prisoner. You guys are a really classy group of fucking idiots. Get a life, losers. Quit blaming the world's smallest minority for all your own problems.