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"Please understand that I

"Please understand that I admit I don't have all of the answers but the best way to learn is through discussions like these."

I am really happy you write this, because I assumed I knew what rights were until a few years ago until I figured out I really didn't and most people didn't.

As to your definition.

"My definition would be: rights inherent to all living things." That doesn't define it.

"A natural right, as per our constitution, is a right that can not be taken away by government" Also doesn't define it.

"One that we inherently have by virtue of god or nature..." Now that is getting closer.

"Natural rights, in a historic context, are rights governed by natural law." That is a circular answer. Same as saying bananas is defined as bananas that grow in nature.

I do agree that all species have "rights" and I am really happy you mentioned that.

Actually you probably won't find a definition anywhere (I haven't), but there is only one answer I came up with and has yet to be challenged.

Rights = necessities in life. For example, you have a right (necessity) to eat; to pursue the gather of food; to keep what you gather; to have shelter, or pursue the creation of a shelter; to defend against anything that will harm you; to speak or communicate or pursue such right; to travel or pursue the right to travel.

All these things are necessary for you to live. They are what you need to live and continue to live. They are not guaranteed. However, Government is instituted to protect those rights/necessities.

Hope that makes sense. And by any means if you have a another definition let me know.

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...