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Comment: It's not as pointless as you think.

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It's not as pointless as you think.

The PERSECUTION of the European jews cannot be denied, and should never be made light of.
However as time marches on history has a remarkable way of exposing the "unquestionable facts" of written history.
Many of the photos of the gaunt starving camp victims are real, but the piles of dead bodies are now thought to have come from Russia.
This is not my computer, so I wont post a link, but check out The Leucther Report. The first forensics ever done in the death camps. Forensics don't lie, and Cyanide gas ALWAYS leaves a particular footprint. This was glaringly lacking.
As for the Nazis "admitting it"…people will tell you anything under severe and prolonged torture.
The story of the holocaust was to bring about and Agenda, and is still a multi million dollar industry.