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6 years 2 months

It's a great place to come and refresh your drive for change, and/or to remind yourself as to why you do things much differently than those around you. I may go a year without posting anything on here, but I normally check in at least once a week to see if there is anything new out there. I also check in if there is a big story, just to make sure it has been posted for all to see. Of course I am happy to report that 99.99% of the time someone has caught it and brought it up for the DP users. I occasionally drop a bomb if someone is making hateful and hurtful remarks to someone based solely on things that have nothing to do with the mission of the DP. For example, saying nasty things to people for simply having a faith in God, or not having a faith in God. Either way, the DP and the liberty movement in general, is for everyone of all colors, faiths, creeds, etc... It is when these hate filled anti-theist take over the DP that I normally disappear for several months to a year. If we can't respect each others difference, then how in the world can we work together to bring freedom and liberty to all? Have fun, learn from it, but always realize that we need everyone involved, not just clones of you and your beliefs. Take care!