Comment: Given the Paypal attack on

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Given the Paypal attack on

Given the Paypal attack on Wikileaks, of all the six or seven billion people on the planet Pierre Omidyar is the worst person for Greenwald to be partnering up with. There will be no serious reform of the spying, and that it all the proof I need that Greenwald's 'brilliant' leaking strategy is just intended to maximize the profits to investors. Of course, Greenwald could end all controversy by doing a mass dump of the Snowden material.

"Keeping Secrets: Pierre Omidyar, Glenn Greenwald and the privatization of Snowden’s leaks" (Ames). Greenwald and Omidyar continue the process of capitalism by appropriating for themselves another part of what should be the commons. The slow leak procedure isn't Greenwald's brilliant method of increasing political pressure, it is Greenwald's brilliant method of increasing the value to Greenwald of the leaks of what should be public information.

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