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What network are you talking about?

But bitcoin (the currency) is the only currency that is allowed on that network

Do you mean the p2p network that is used for bitcoin transactions? How hard do you think it is to bring up a new p2p network? If you don't mind, below here on this page I wrote a comment about what the various parts of the bitcoin infrastructure actually are, and why they don't pose a significant barrier to entry for other digital currencies -- really the opposite, they make it almost trivial for other digital currencies to piggyback on bitcoin's success. If I'm wrong, I'd like to see where.

Note: the thing that makes bitcoin's network valuable is the size. A p2p network grows as it gains users. But if all people mean when they talk about the advantage bitcoin's infrastructure gives it is that it is currently the most popular and therefore it's p2p network is larger than, say, litecoins p2p network, then it's just another way of saying that bitcoin has marketshare, which sounds a lot less impressive than talking about "infrastructure."