Comment: Your misgivings would have

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Your misgivings would have

Your misgivings would have been answered had you just clicked the link. I always need to shake my head when people forego reading. Information is a critical resource for us. Replies that haven't gone thru the effort are usually without much worth.

Some mines can mine gold cheaply. But in some places, it costs enormous resources to mine the gold, because it's deeper in the ground, etc. The most expensive mines are close to 1200 dollars. The only reason they even bother to mine that gold, even though the costs are so high, is because they expected the gold price to rise far more than it has.

Anyways, this is not necessarily bad news for gold bugs. If the supply of gold is restrained, because the most expensive mines default and cease production,it will be that much harder for TPTB to surpress the price. If demand keeps increasing more and more and supply keeps getting thinner-----> PROFIT!!