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Brilliant comment!

I like that you commented before watching the videos. There is enough premise here in the set-up to do so. The videos extrapolate from such a premise, and you are correct that the videos do go the route of somewhat going overboard with replacing what was so eagerly removed. Your comment is long though and eventually hits on points that the videos trample. Like this...

"What we do know is that since it won't be a monopoly..."

From reading the other comments myself, I surmise that many are seduced by the seemingly rational flow of things presented in the videos. On the surface it seems to be akin to ideations presented by the likes Walter Block [and Murray Rothbard]. It is not the same. The videos present a world that overshoots Anarchy. You pegged it in your comment. It replaces cancer with AIDS. On the surface it appears that they have removed "government", but they have simply replaced it. What seems at first to be less monopolistic eventually reveals hyper-cartelization, an economic vacuum. It IS government. All one has to do to participate is to "pay up". Today, shopping at the mall is engaging direct democracy. However, not all that we do is determined or effected by our experience of engaging democracy at the mall. The videos present an odd dish of democracy-run-amok as it adds a flavor of unchecked extortion. You're screwed without participation at the mall. It's perhaps the antithesis of self-governance. In a system such as this your employer will one day simply pay you in mall coupons. Funny, seems like Rockefeller's ultimate utopia. As I mentioned in another comment, this is a look into the future of the status quo. Substitute the name "Blackwater" for "Dawn Security".