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Mind if I handle this one?

Alli was merely instructing me on my choice of words, therefore the burden of answer falls to me.

The people you describe represent our clients. They are the people we want to increasingly work with. And we're the people they need to be talking to to get their campaigns ahead. To get them burning with the brushfires of liberty. And we've never had a more refined toolset in the hands of a more experienced team.

As you can see we're financially as motivated as anybody and perhaps a little extra. For while creating new channels to spread the message (which we'd like to be self funding), at the end of the day we're under no illusions: there's a large, very large part of "labor of love" happening here. We all know that going in. If we can make enough money to make it by and keep it growing, well, that's within mission parameters.

So that's actually where this new position is crucial and as indicated, it's not just about DPR because as we devote time to this project, we basically need our own support systems for other projects. DPR isn't in the business of producing campaign media or other technologies for anything but itself, that's something we do. And it's part of what makes the role challenging because we work across almost all media. More now than ever. So while there are in fact several different entities at this table, each with several (as opposted to joint) requirements, we're totally going for that synchronicity factor. We want to leverage power across these entities and among ourselves.

Hopefully that explains why this seems like a constellation rather than an org chart. And hopefully explains our relationship to the political spectrum. And believe it or not, there really is a business model here. It's precise. It's the EXPANSIVE aspect you can sense at work here, I think that was throwing off your sensors.

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.