Comment: You're arguing only half of the topic

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You're arguing only half of the topic

I'm not saying anything about the government allowing or disallowing the free exercise of religion. They do it all the time. If a kid wants to pray by himself at lunch or at a sports event, I've never seen that prohibited.

But the other side of that is the government "respecting" a religion. The amendment clearly states that they shall not make a law that does so. In this school example, we can extrapolate government law to government school policy. (I assume) So, what about the times when the school asks for a moment of prayer and then qualifies it with "If you're not religious, just sit quietly until we're done"? Is that not respecting that religion and indoctrinating those kids toward following the herd?

What about the saying "under God", which was added in 1954, NOT by the founding fathers. Just telling kids to omit those parts of our national allegiance because they're so different as to not believe in them... that's the government respecting one religion in the face of the majority (yes "non-religion" recently surpassed the 50% mark of our population) believing otherwise.

And yes, your pork example is unconstitutional as well.