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Good questions

1. Like any insurance policy the insurance/defense company must pay its customer. Customer gets $10 million immediately. The insurance company now tries to find, and recover costs from the killer.

IF you were an insurance agency what would you do to maximize profits? a) Perhaps have cops on the beat to reduce the number of killings and therefore payouts.
b) have agreements with other agencies that if their customer is a killer they will not protect him and vice versa. All of which will be in the terms of the killers policy.

2. The broke killer now has no protection against Dawn Defense. Dawn defense will want to get some money out of the killer, but they will not want to lose customers by appearing soft on killers. Dawn Defense will threaten the broke killer with violence or even death (He is a killer remember and he has been through due process of court and his defense agency has abandoned this killer) Perhaps broke killer might try agree to work in a dawn defense factory until the payments are paid off. It is hard to say what exciting ideas the free market will work out as punishment and rehabilitation.
Protect your assets and profit from the greatest wealth transfer in history.