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Thank you

I know it is difficult for some people to imagine how it will work. Just like it was difficult for people in the CCCP to imagine where bread would come from after it collapsed. But bread came because people were willing to pay for it. So will law. And we have a fine history of common law to start with.

And I think it is fine for smart people to speculate, but not wildly and thoughtlessly so that you make the entire enterprise look suspect.

I don't know the best business model for the provision of law anymore than I know the best business model for the provision of milk. But I do know they will be provided.

Whether we can get to a free society is another matter entirely. But I do NOT worry that it won't be a far more just, peaceful, moral and prosperous society if we do. I also don't worry that it will be perfect. It won't. It will merely be better than all the alternatives.