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Umm, from most examples I know, first movers usually fail, because of mistakes they made. If they don't trip up, they usually retain the lead by a wide margin, unless the competitor that comes up has actual innovative worth.

Give me an example of one that retained the lead?

For ones that didn't ... web browsers (NCSA Mosaic), social networking sites (Geocities), how many examples do you need? Or from another angle, if first movers usually fail because of mistakes they made, are you thinking that Satoshi didn't make any mistakes? You can already see competitors popping up that try to address some of the flaws, not just competitors that are merely clones like Litecoin.

Edit: Oh, and my argument was a dual argument, both marketshare and infrastructure oriented. Both are relevant.

I read it again, and don't seen an argument about infrastructure. You're just assuming that people who see value in the sector will put their investments into bitcoin, but that's not how venture capital works, or competition in a new sector. For that matter, it's not even true that a new alt coin needs venture capital and that is precisely because the infrastructure is so little a hurdle. Litecoin was done by one guy working in his spare time.