Comment: The real Spartacus was not

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The real Spartacus was not

The real Spartacus was not like the mythologized figure created later (18th cent) and adopted by communists as a sort of archetype of revolution and egalitarianism.

From da wiki, citing Florus (2.8.8) "who from Thracian mercenary, had become a Roman soldier, of a soldier a deserter and robber, and afterward, from consideration of his strength, a gladiator". [Florus, Epitome of Roman History 2.8]

Although nothing was cut and dried back then (anymore than now) in terms of the justness of 'justice system,' this was basically a prison break. The gladiators were largely condemned criminals who looted, plundered and committed atrocities after the escape.

No historian I have read reports any political motivation to end slavery by those in the revolt. They did pretty much what you'd expect if there was some mass mass security prison break of guys on death row that got access to military weapons.

"They went north, then south, then north again. They ransacked small towns, murdered farmers, raped their wives and daughters.

Spartacus killed all prisoners. In a mocking turn of events, he pitted captured Roman soldiers against each other in gladiatorial fights to the death."

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