Comment: The delay

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The delay

I believe their releasing of the material in this fashion is based on at least three issues :

1) They do not have all the material together in any one place. It has been categorized, grouped, copied and then hidden in multiple places/media type.

2) The due diligence of reviewing the data to ensure the eventual criminal prosecution that will be brought at least does not have any easy case.

3) By letting it come out in these waves it gives the criminals another chance to lie about the scope, intent, and activity. Then the next release will show them to have lied yet again....if they do this right on this issue the establishment will have no credibility left and even the most neo con scumbags will be silenced . (I can dream too)

I cannot critique if they are doing it right or wrong as I cannot imagine the responsibility they feel at this point in time. They are standing at a cross roads of history. The world is watching. What a situation to find oneself.


Liberty = Responsibility