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RE: CS, I have upgraded through CS2, 3, 4, & then bought the CS5 Master Collection, which really kicked it up a notch in the smartguides/snapping department, and the "Export to..." formats available. (Other than that, it's basically the same toolbox and I can't imagine their ind. subscriptions are going to be any more masterful.)

However, because CS5 interfaces with ESRI (which I run), CS5 constantly requests access to the internet, and from what I've read, I think that's how hackers were dropping rootkits/malware et al--by leveraging the vulnerabilities in flash and javascript for a while. (I think the vulnys have been patched, though.)

Oughta check just to make sure by updating your browser plug-ins if you export to software that connects to internet. (Sorry if this is an overshare, but I'm new to this whole protect-everything-or-else mentality.)