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Define normal behavior

in the context you wrote please?

I don't want to start an argument, but I did want to share a very recent example of our experiences.

We spent last week at our vacation property with my son off his Intuniv and Focalin which he takes for ADHD. We forgot his meds as we were leaving town, but decided not to turn the car around and just let him try being off them for a week. It turned out that was a mistake.

His behavior was beyond bad and definitely not what we consider normal. He was jumping around, fidgeting, and chattering constantly while we're trying to get him to do his home school work. He does not do this when on his meds, or at least no where near as bad. He was thus disturbing his sister who was working on her home school work too.

I helped him work on his math lessons one morning and it took him an hour and a half to do what he normally is able to do in 10-15 minutes. He was so muddled he couldn't do four-five digit addition and subtraction problems that he normally flies through with 100% accuracy while on the meds.

The car ride to and from the vacation home was similarly brutal as he couldn't leave his siblings alone, could not control the level of his voice, and did not respond to correction from his mother and I which seemed to come every 5-10 minutes for one thing or another.

The behavior we witnessed last week was fairly typical of him from before he began treatment. That kind of behavior is completely unacceptable and he will not be able to function in the world if it continues as he grows up. No one will tolerate it.

This kind of stuff IS NOT the case of an active little boy being a little excited. We have another son and his behavior can be described that way, but not our older son's.

I wish some folks on here could have been a fly on the wall during our trip. Maybe then they would begin to understand the reality of the situations that so many parents face.

I was once skeptical about the whole ADHD thing too, but having parented my son now I wonder why people don't dismiss Autism symptoms, but do dismiss ADHD all the time. It's clear to me that the ADHD behaviors we experience are not merely misdiagnosed normal behavior. We as a society should instead be seeking what is causing kids to act this way, like we're searching for the root cause of Autism, and try to remedy it.

Maybe it's just bad parenting, but I don't think so. Both my wife and I were raised in families that had very well defined standards of conduct. Her parents were especially strict. Mine were no pushovers. We were taught proper manners, etiquette, etc. and I remember growing up that my brother and I were often complimented on how well-behaved we were. I want that for our kids too! We try very hard to teach, and expect, our children to behave appropriately in whatever setting they are in. It's clearly much more of a struggle with our oldest (almost 9 years old now) than with our two younger ones (4 and 7 years old). The more that we deal with it, the more I am convinced that there is some environmental/physiological cause for it and not merely a case of an imaginary disease.

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