Comment: So with this technology it is

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So with this technology it is

So with this technology it is just assumed that a skilled craftsman in their trade will just "move on" and get "retrained" because he didn't compete on the Global scale and lacked skills of the 21st Century, skills known as math and science. It's OK common core will take care of that.

So as these workers and their trades get displaced, like biotechnology caused a healthcare debacle, will it just mean a diminished standard of living? I thought technology was supposed to advance mankind?

And then we see the vulnerabilities of Microsoft products, or what we get with the NSA, now Chief Technology Officers are drooling over Cyber Security and vulnerabilities in the grid.

I got news for you, we need to go back to the god damn pen and paper.

No I'm all for the new technology, but again, like biotechnology did not, it needs to advance humanity, not hold it extorted.

Now maybe we could simultaneously rid ourselves of HR departments nationwide that waste millions of hours of unproductive time to the American pulblic, that way before they make 3D houses, these displaced workers don't have to play the game of HR and be cookie cutted into their past lives, those of a skill that was taken over mid stream, without much thought about these displaced workers, you know the people that build houses. They will pull their "retraining" and "credentials" crap on them, and you know who's guilty of this group think methodology? Public Education. They will just go along with it and teach the kids to just go along with it, as their parents get squeezed out.

People should be able to be what they want when they grow up. This goes for displaced workers when technology takes over their work. But the entire debt culture of college, the entire credential, degreed BS, is causing underemployment and a sustandard and declining living standard of many.

I mean we already saw the end result after the Federal Government, Fannie, Freddie, BOA, Chase, GMAC, WAMU fried the economy by way of overdevelopment that caused the housing meltdown. Oh yah, these people need to be "retrained".
They wrote them off.

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