Comment: I dont think you people are getting it?

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I dont think you people are getting it?

There is a reason GOLD is cheap.

All the Central Banks, CHINA, RUSSIA & INDIA are buying GOLD at record levels. They need it as cheap as possible.


Because when the U.S defaults and can't pay the interest on treasury bills.

The world economy will panic and go to a default setting which is the GOLD STANDARD. When this happens the U.S will NOT hand over reserve currency, but more so expand.

The new reserve currency (my guess 2021 - 2025) will be a gold certificate issued by The world bank. It will be a shared reserve currency between U.S.A, CHINA, RUSSIA, GERMANY & maybe a few more.

If this does happen. (1) OZ of GOLD is set to be $50,000.

I know this is going to happen, just not sure when. It really depends how long the crooks at the bank can prolong this.