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Follow Up #2:

As I noted below in an earlier post, I forwarded a letter to them suggesting a nationwide fund raiser to obtain the funds to keep the smelter operational. I actually received a response from the company tonight and the woman who responded said that they are in fact working on opening a smaller plant with new technology which allows them to operate without the use of the smelter. She also stated that she appreciated the idea and that it is something they will consider doing and will contact me if they do. That's really exciting to me! Wouldn't it be great if we could get Americans to get together and support these industries that are being forced out of business because they can not meet a group of unelected bureaucrats arbitrary, unreasonable and monumental requirements. I have little doubt that this is a political move and wouldn't it be nice to see Americans standing together to keep them from reaching their goals. I will post any additional response I get from them. Just wanted to share. :)