Comment: Took this picture today...

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Took this picture today...

In an airport giftshop.(San Juan,Puerto Rico)

Maybe we should take a lesson from our PR friends. They are a very proud people. Even though Bacardi is made there, all the locals drink Don Q. Bacardi is originally from Cuba, while Don Q was created in Puerto Rico.

Ever notice thier athletes proudly display thier flag, even though they are a part of the US?? There is a reason they do not want to become a state (besides higher taxes). Its called sovereignty, pride and community.

We, as American citizens should hold these values higher as a whole over higher profits/cheaper goods. Everyday I see people paying more for supposed 'GREEN' products. "Made in the U.S.A." needs this same type of feel good stigma associated with it.

Much like the pink breast cancer campaign or the Make a wish foundation, maybe we should attach a donation to every "Made in the U.S.A." good to provide low interest loans and aid for small business owners?