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Comment: Ever think for yourself, or is that too much to ask

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Ever think for yourself, or is that too much to ask

I find people that get offended by the thought of Satanist's attacking our beliefs and teaching's to be so simple and thoughtless!

Let's break it down.

As a Christian you believe is Jesus. You also believe in all loving GOD. Our creator and father. Our teacher and Master.

You also know there have been (55) bibles written by human's. (2) of which were written by women. It's also a fact that Constantine of the ROMAN EMPIRE edited the bible which we read today!

All of which the Vatican (WHICH HAS GOLD FLOORS!) has in it's possession. The real history of the world! Everything we need to progress as human's, they hide.

You also believe the story of Jesus being crucified. Right? Was the devil in the picture? YES. Where did the Devil go?