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One of us

has misunderstood the kinds of things that could require a hard fork, and that could be me. My impression is that a lot of the kinds of things that are being discussed for competitors need a hard fork for bitcoin to copy them. I was looking at zerocoin recently, and the need for a hard fork thing kept coming up there:
Zerocoin ended up deciding to go off on its own as a new alt currency instead, and if it takes off bitcoin may have to play catchup at some point. That's just one example. Bitcoin is designed to be hard to change.

For competition, yeah, we'll see who's right. I hope to see multiple competing digital currencies, preferably not all based on block chain architectures but using as many different approaches as possible. Competition is healthy, and multiple options using multiple technologies makes it that much harder to attack.

And just to be clear I'm not saying that the first movers always fail. I just can't find an example where it didn't happen, especially with internet-based technologies.