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...and it's a good point.

If New Zealand were to sink into the pacific today, it wouldn't make an ounce of difference to any world market.
We do have our Treaty of Waitangi, that was written in good faith,to ensure that the Native New Zealanders (Maori)got a fair deal. However that has now been turned into a "hand out" scam, and is being used against all New Zealanders, except those who profit from the grievance industry.
Every country that the UN wants to dominate is a prize, and some prizes are much bigger and wealthier than others, but which ever path the USA travels, we travel behind you, following in your footsteps leading to the same cliff.
However, despite the size and richness differences between our 2 countries, we have one BIG thing in common, the voice of real liberty is a global voice, we all need to fight for each other.