Comment: I predicted this over a year ago

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I predicted this over a year ago

As the con-man Steve Gibson once said in the year 2000.

When those insecure and maliciously potent machines are mated to high-bandwidth Internet connections, we are going to experience an escalation of Internet terrorism...

Of course he was talking about zombie bots merely ddossing websites (spyware). But after being laughed at, he and the Lavasoft/zonelabs outfit figured they would pack up, invent bitcoins under a fictitious Japanese name, and use their own zombie-bot spyware to mine bitcoins for themselves.

The fact that that these two people were caught just means that they must have upset the insiders by taking too much out of the cookie jar, and beating them at their own game.

What you won't find in this story is why law enforcement even cared enough to bother with these people, much less launch an investigation leading to an arrest with trumped up imaginary charges of "fraud."

Think about it. "Illegally generated bitcoins." Think about what that even means.

So law enforcement became upset that somebody pooled resources of a bunch of computers to solve algorithms? Sure, the owners of the computers probably have no clue, but when did anyone give a damn about computers being used to solve algorithms?