Comment: That would be enough for me

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That would be enough for me

That would be enough for me to get a jump start on buying property and pursuit of building a container home.

My goal would be to cut out the banksters for their crimes against Americans, to bring them to their knees.

I would then not build a permanent structure, to cut out government taxes as it would not be permanent, because the government was in on the housing meltdown with their cohorts in crime, the banksters. They are as guilty as the banks; they fed the appraisal values and got all that tax money on ill gotten gains, despite the fraud that was before our very eyes, and they knew it, but they couldn't see past the billfold $$$$$$$

I'd see what was left to get a supply of water or tanks. I'd look towards some solar. Look at some temp living like an RV to park on the property, and if anything left, look at getting started a greenhouse.

Goal would be self sufficient, debt free, the complete opposite of what our government is doing to us collectively.

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