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Comment: Never offended

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Never offended

Let me say this at the outset....I am NEVER EVER offended by anyone speaking out in difference to me or my faith, in speaking out against God, His Word, His teachings etc. I truly am saddened by athiests and the like in knowing what God says about those who live without Him as their love, joy and hope to come.

They are lost....forever lost if they die unsaved.

I am not saying that you are a son of the devil, God says that all who serve Him not are so!

God says that all who despise the Word of God will be destroyed.

I do my best to pass on what He tells everyone, not to judge but to warn and be as faithful a witness as I can.

God uses sinners like me to share the truth and He does the work of salvation to whomever He wills to open their eyes, ears and heart.

God tells all mankind much, but most mock, thumb their nose at Him, ignore Him as best they can, and because they have not Jesus on earth to spit on, beat and crucify again which they would if they could, they mock Him through going after His true followers just as He told us they would.

I rejoice at that as He told me to rejoice when men speak evil of me for His name sake.

They show themselves as children of the wicked one, whether they know it or not, it is so!

The one real reason they deny the Bible, and the things God tells all mankind (whether they will admit it or not) is this....They FEAR that the day of judgment spoken of may be true, and so they deny everything about God and what He has to say to us in His Book!

They figure they can plead ignorance on that dreadful day, but they will be without excuse God tells us!

Mock me all you who want whoever wants to, I truly weep inside for you and continue to pray that many will in these very last days be converted by the very work of God Himself.

Maybe one of those will be you!

Peace my freind

" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~