Comment: We must keep in mind,

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We must keep in mind,

the people do not elect the sharpest knives in the drawer.

I believe people with scientific backgrounds have put the question of the collapse of the towers to rest. Two 110 story buildings do not collapse through themselves, in 10 seconds or less, to the ground, in their totality, throwing 500,000 lb. steel beams 600 feet away like so many match sticks because a plane crashed into them and there were fires on some floors. Only the elected officials of the people push that nonsense.

WTC 7 is the model of demolition, owing to the fact that fire cannot destroy the steal frame structure of the building, as it collapses through itself, in its totality, in 6.5 seconds. Not to mention, a plane crashing into the building cannot be a useful explanation, because no plane crashed into WTC 7.

Now that we know the truth we can let the government, full of dull knives in the drawer, pursue their ambitions of looking incredibly stupid with a cup in their hand. I'll drink to that.