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You asked:

"But did we really need a Snowden to tell us the things we already knew..." Though there was no question mark.

If by we you mean the members of the Daily Paul. The answer is of course no, we did not.

If however by we you mean the general population of America, then the answer is a resounding YES.

The general population doesn't know much of anything about the events that transpire around them.

Also, until Snowden's whistleblowing, the talking points of the NSA spying was just an easily dismissible theory that could not be proved. No proof? Oh, you must be a tin-foil-hat-wearing-dope-smoking-bad-mouthing-your-country-ron-paul-supporting-moon-bat-kook.

Just as MK Ultra was "just a theory" so was the spying. Until now that is.