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yes,so true

hence your own comments to all on this topic
just stick you head back in the sand,or was it ever taken out
But,what i posted are not opinions,these are facts,and it does show
your immaturity to not even see it for yourself
read,look and see for yourself,or die being ignorant
this is your choice,and i could care less what you do
the catholic church handed out get out of sin cards,these were to be used
by the congregation,you see,they could sin,place in the offering plate,and get a free sin out of the deal FACT
FACT,the catholic churches and the muslims use the same design,the crescent moon,and the star.....why???
the church was found molesting children...fact....what the church did,move the leaders to other churches where they weren't know,they were not prosecuted
they were not thrown out of the church,or anything that resembled a biblical response....WHY??
the catholic church took whole books and chapters out of the bible...fact why??
and you call everyone with questions bigots???? you are the bigot,and you hide it all behind a false tainted bible and your religion

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence