Comment: Desinsitization. I'd bet the NSA is happy this is out, maybe

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Desinsitization. I'd bet the NSA is happy this is out, maybe

even prodded Snowden to make the leak, or certainly didn't want to stop him.

Do not forget that the "elites" always planned to "one day" tell us of their plans out in the open, their plans for what they were going to do to us and how, and that they would reveal these plans plain as day, and that such a day would come when in their estimation, it was impossible, and too late, to stop them.

I'd posit that what is more likely than they are being exposed, is that they are the ones "telling us of their plans for us" out in the open now.

They know that by feeding one abuse after another to the public each and every day will desensitize the American people into accepting previous egregious activity as "not as bad" as the latest revelation. Eventually, if not soon, this desensitization will be complete and Americans will not only NOT balk at what they learn anew, but always subconsciously knew, but will either not care, or even applaud and support such atrocities.

They KNOW from experience in the past AND the present that NOTHING of significance will be done to stop them. NOTHING is being done now. If not now, WHEN?

They will not be arrested and tried for espionage and treason, much less murder.

They will not be charged with insurrection.

They will not even be FIRED.

No authority in America, at the State or Federal level will lift a finger to bring them to justice.

At worst, and with their consultation and approval of course, laws will be adopted ENSHRINING their plans for us and their methods.

BOTH parties will pass these laws and increase them in the future. Just as they already have done and are doing NOW.

Americans WILL not take to the streets.

They will not begin assassinating corrupt leaders who cannot and will not be otherwise brought to justice.

There will be no public lynchings.

There will be no traitors dangling from lampposts on Constitution Avenue.

There will be no tarring and feathering of tax collectors. (thieves)

Americans ARE presently rolling over and NOT doing what is NECESSARY to preserve liberty.

There is ZERO reason to believe in any MYTH that there is some magical line that Americans will not allow the crossing of.

Horse manure.

There is no line.

And if one should appear or be declared in some mass public fashion, the elites will simply side-step it or redefine it for us as they trample right across it, bit by bit, over and over.

You can hang it up folks and prepare for life in Orwellian Hell, because you are LIVING IT NOW.


It is not something that will "maybe one day be here."

The fight is already lost.

No one did anything effective or of substance to stop it. Including myself.

The only thing left to us is as individuals.

As they come for each one of us, for whatever reason, no matter how banal and contrived, the only thing left for us to do is go down fighting, taking out as many of them with us on the way. We've waited too long to attempt any other remedy.

They cannot and will not be stopped.

Because Americans have proven themselves unwilling and incapable of doing the right thing while the right thing was still peaceful.

Bloodshed is now inevitable.

And sadly, it will only be for our own individual brief satisfaction and principles, because no one else gives a shit if any one of us gets gunned down in some fabricated raid or encounter. We'll be thought of as just another whack job since that is how we will be portrayed.

But it's that or the chains. If we are even given that option.

There is entirely too much wishful thinking in this world.

So much that I'd contend anyone engaging in it maybe really is crazy, with a complete inability to admit the reality staring them in the FACE.

This IS checkmate, but not for the elites...