Comment: im neutral in this thing,

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im neutral in this thing,

im neutral in this thing, most of the times, but even i know its a bad thing to say you dont need a new investigation and then fess up you did not even, read, the first one

It tells us so much the reason for your answers are not based on facts, but assumptions or PR, what you end up doing is shining light on a totally different problem then the original brought up, honesty from representatives

You address a concern by shining a light on ANOTHER concern, and then maybe wondering why people mistrust you, or not really caring because you feel untouchable in this sides gonna eventually have to give, and i think one side gravely underestimates the other, or stupidly thinks ANYONE will win if they keep forcing control on people like dogs, and not expect people to start seing the similarities to a master and its dog relationship humakind has endured throughout history

When the chicks are ready to fly, you better well let em