Comment: No americans, so just the

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No americans, so just the

No americans, so just the other 95% of the worlds population, oh good, and here i was getting worried

Wait, im not american, mmmmmm, does that mean i cant comment, mmmmm do i have permission to object "mr" president /s

i hold the position acountable, seing as it is the role of the person in that position that SHOULD be talking AGAINST such actions, and i think, that to be the role, VERY strongly........that, NOT, doing that very thing makes me see the position a farce, im not asking for action, im asking to be educated in what FEELS right, not what FEELS wrong but is described as show people no respect by thinking them completly stupid........we FEEL the wrong, its only a matter of time before folks start finding out WHY, the wrong.......your actions, words, stances and re-actions betray you.........its NOT what i expect from the "person" you are claiming to be