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yes,seriously :)

if all fall short of the grace of God (all)
then mary is not free from sin,she was afterall born of man.just as jesus was
the crescent moon and star is pagan worship,and how nice to be attributed to mary (your words come right out of the catholic bible(which was created by man) but was it inspired by god?
yes true,the church paid out for child abuse,the same thing can be said of all lending institutions(they get a slap on the wrist,but go right back to doing it
In the case of the catholic church,it never ended
don't take this the wrong way,I have only talked (here) about the catholic church,but as I have stated in the past,most major religions spawned from that group
so,in my eyes,it stands to reason,that all lack in knowledge,and all fall short of what gods intent and purpose was

I have for the most part been a part of 4 major religions in 40 plus yrs,what i can say,is this,one group doesn't like the other over their doctrines
one groups believes a fib is different than a lie.
most groups will have to do with the other groups
and some will not intermarry.,meaning they were raised in this group,and will not marry another from another group
all this.for me is very telling of the hearts of man
and i do not lie it one bit,it falls short of the message of love shoot,granger,i have had people from church tell me"we need to go kill brown ppl,as it is gods will,and it keeps us free"
when i question as to where it states that,i get that ole evil eye
hey,thanks for them links :)

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence