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Comment: Is this opposite day?

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Is this opposite day?

My experience was precisely the opposite of yours:

Mac - paid for, semi-open system, "just works" right out of the box with anything I throw at it.

Linux - free, completely open, "mostly works" but where it didn't was either my own fault from tinkering, or at least I could fix it.

Windows - paid for, closed system, damn thing never worked, or if it did, was more painful than watching paint dry. (the paint was usually faster) Less than 10% of hardware I through at it "worked" out of the box, unless you include downloading drivers, buying diffrerent models, and restarting and reinstalling stuff, including the entire OS several times as "out of the box."

The interoperability you speak of is NOT from Microsoft. Not by a long shot. Hell, most of it still isn't interoperable with itself, though I guess mileage varies considering you allegedly love it. Windows doesn't play nice with anything but Windows, and even that is a crap shoot or the moon has to be just right.

As for Excel - M$ didn't create that either, Apple did and to this day, it is still far superior to Word. Word isn't likely even necessary for probably 98.763% of the public. In most cases, Notepad or Leafpad or even a damned pen and paper would suffice over Word. Using M$ Office in many cases is like trying to clear space to plant a flower with a nuke. (along with all it's attendant regs, tech hands, control systems, etc.)

And if interoperability is your measuring stick, you can forget Office - unless of course everyone else you deal with owns it as well. Then at least you have a fighting chance.

I digress...