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I'm not completely certain what happened because

I'm not a demolition expert. To speak without doing any research whatsoever, which is clear from your claim, is insane/kooky/stupid.

DREXS is used more and more in lieu of wiring:

The Alfred P. Murray building was damaged on April 19th, 1995. It was pulled using controlled demolition on May 24th, 1995. In about a month a decision was made, engineering and planning were done, the building was wired and then demolished.

For 30 years government employees posing as TV repair men stocked the secret bunker underneath Greenbrier Resort with food, pharmaceuticals, and kept it at operational readiness without causing any fuss.

So lets see, you have been here less than 3 months, left 6 comments, one of them profane and the other 5 stating the exact same thing. I'm not going to say what everyone is thinking...

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