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When you roll around in poop all day on the internet, it will stick to you and cause you to smell bad.

There, the post where you linked to Icke and Stormfront. Not me, but you. So, your posts which tend to state or imply you didn't do so are false.

Then, there are your posts where you try to say it isn't what it looks like. Well. I disagree. First of all, you didn't "provide me links." Rather, you were in a back-and-forth with NowOrNever. So, you provided the forum with your links or provided NowOrNever with your links, but you didn't provide them to me.

Both NowOrNever and I pointed out your strange choice of an intellectual source. You immediately disappeared for nearly an entire day trying to formulate a response. You then said "you 2 didn't really think i was going to post any links from real sites,did you?" and began your attempt to distance yourself from the stuff you really believe.

But here is the thing, you knew those sites had those posts about strawman theories AT THAT TIME. To know that you had to read those forums. One was of a tubby conspiracy nut called Jordan maxwell, who you've cited other times. He's the guy that tells people that they are "water products" because there is liquid in the mother's womb, ergo, admiralty jurisdiction somehow! I bet you buy that one as well!

Look, we've caught you, the more you deny it the more it perpetuates. No one is misrepresenting you. You linked to stormfront and icke for the proposition that there is a strawman, in the midst of an argument with two other people, NowOrNever and myself, who said there wasn't. You even state in your post "here is what i mentioned above" demonstrating you were totally on board with it.

So, stop lying, it;s obvious and pathetic.

"Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the the universe."-- Albert Einstein