Comment: The term used was "created" -

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The term used was "created" -

I believe the term Mr. Jefferson used was "created equal".

While I do agree with the theme contained within Mr. Rushing's novel Liberty Street - which I first came into contact with through an ad for it on DP - it must be pointed out that anyone who makes the claim "no individual or group is inherently superior to another" while simultaneously stating that human beings are not inherently equal to one another in their fundamental natures is guilty of a tacit double-standard. If we are not equal in our states as human beings then indeed some individuals or groups are somehow inherently superior and do have a responsibility in nature to rule over others. To adhere to a mindset that wants to find any other value in Jefferson's words beyond the explicit sameness of the human condition across age, gender, strength, intelligence or belief is to propagate the implied - if not stated - need for rulership over the rest no matter how many flattering words or philanthropic ideals are tossed into the mix.

You are right in saying that the context of the DOI is little understood in this day and age, and this type of philosophical muddying is exactly why.