Comment: The "American System" -nobody lays it out better than Tom!

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The "American System" -nobody lays it out better than Tom!

Thanks Goldspan. You've posted one of my two all-time favorite video lectures recorded via LvMI. I also just happened to finish my first course at Mises Academy which was conducted by DiLorenzo and analyzed American Imperialism. We suffered some technical difficulties, but it was good stuff!

I'll throw backatcha my other favorite lecture. Dilorenzo's a historian. This guy, Stone, is a sociologist. He's a top-notch biographer of Robert Nisbet, a sociologist who wrote a bunch of books on Social and Political Philosophy. Stone is not a LvMI insider but a guest lecturer. He probably offended a handful at LvMI, and that might just be why I've never found this lecture actually posted by LvMI. Who knows? LibertyInOurTime posted it though. Kudos to them...