Comment: Then maybe you can answer my questions?

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Then maybe you can answer my questions?

I watched Larson Rose and his wife for 18 minutes explain why I needed to watch Josie the Outlaw, and fund their project.

As I watched the first vid provided by Larson Rose and his wife on Josie the Outlaw, I typed my thoughts as I watched and hoped for answers. All I got was a downvote. Was that you? (teasing, do what you want).

So, if as you say, "she get's it".. that's AWESOME and I'm very very happy for her and everyone who supports this effort. That said.. I recall in Larson's 18 minute introduction, that they wanted Josie because they wanted to reach past the choir (you, but they really need your financial support and if you really believe Josie is all that,, then I imagine you would at least "max out" $2,300.00 in a contribution, because to Larken, she's worth way more than that, because to Larken, Josie is going to reach.. some group.. if you open my link and read my comment, you will see how confused I am.. I don't want to be confused. I bleieve I have fair questions.. if you don't think they are fair question, maybe you can say why?

I don't know Josie.. the video I watched, which is the one you linked me to, thank you, it was creepy and not her fault.. so what I'm about to tell you, is not on her, it's on me.. it's my sin.. but she reminded me of a visit I made to a brothel in Nevada. I'm all for prostititon being decriminalized.. the video I saw of Josie was like watching a smart assed prostitute defend her right to be a prostitute. I'm not saying that she is.. the act.. is a huge turn off to me. Act tough when you ain't got nothing backing you up (and flash a picture of posing with a gun because that will show them.. joke being, "There's a hard on for you".

To me, she acts tough because what she's selling is BS. That was my conslusion after watching the vid you gave me, two days ago.

Got answers? If all you have is insults don't bother responding, I already know you say "God Bless You" as a way to spit on me.