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I asserted (although not plainly enough) that Jefferson was making a statement to the right to rule. So that no man possesses the right to rule another. Aside from that, you and I are not equal.
You are probably a lot more skilled than I am in a great many things. And possibly vice versa. You have different priorities than I do, and vice versa. NONE OF WHICH GIVE YOU THE RIGHT TO RULE ME or vice versa.

The ideas are well thought out and are not mutually exclusive.

Making it clear that one does not have the right to rule another in spite of our inherent uniqueness, further cements the principle of individual liberty.

Can you pressure test the above to find any holes?
I enjoyed Liberty Street. James is the only author I have read that came to damn near identical language as myself. While mine was extrapolated from SCOTUS Rulings.
He states Harm no one.
I believe one has a right to harm himself, so I phrased do not harm another.