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Comment: maybe I didn't phrase my position in a way that suits you

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maybe I didn't phrase my position in a way that suits you

but I did say that he was right so long as his words taken in the original context. Unfortunately, many do not even understand what that context is and as a result draw all kinds of errant conclusions.

I could study that document a thousand more times and learn something new from each reading. As it happens, I have studied it plenty to arrive at my conclusions, and you have not overcome them with evidence or logic.

"Do you really beleieve we were not all created with the equal right to speak our mind, think and do as we choose, defend ourselves, etc? Hogwash!"
This statement demonstrates that you did NOT read (or comprehend) my article. It must be my fault for not being a good author, i am working on it.

"Your #2 is what happens when governments usurp power and has nothing to do with the people conferring just powers upon a government system."
Good, a point of contention, but you don't offer any evidence or logic to substantiate your point. I'm up for the discussion, but you've got to bring something more to the table than: "your wrong and I'm leaving".
(A snarky attitude alone will not win the day in this conversation)

Consider this:
-No one has the power to harm with legal impunity, therefor no one can confer that power to another.
-So if you aren't conferring this power, and I'm not conferring this power then what what creates and sustains this power?
Naked, open, brute force.
Don't believe me???
Ask the founders what happened when they withdrew their consent, ask the south what happened to them when they withdrew their consent, ask the natives what happened to them when they withdrew their consent, or try it yourself...withdraw your consent of just powers from the government and see what happens.

You are attempting to impose your programming onto an unaccommodating legal system. And they don't reconcile.
Your turn...