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I see your point about

I see your point about 'identity' verses 'identify with.' My idea was that there is a common denominator for us all, and that is our all being thinking human beings, so there somehow should be a core association, or understanding for the actions of either group. Though, it does seem impossible. For myself there is a big delemma: this is the very place my Pope came from, and yet such confrontation takes place! That's what I don't get. There is most defiantly more to this story than appears, and it affects me to the point that I need to learn more, to understand. On the face of it though the women were the violent ones.
Ron Paul in the 2008 debates brought out blowback to the ridicule of his opponents (that slithery Mr. 9/11 NY mayor to be specific), when he was absolutely correct in laying blame for Mideast turmoil. The women may be blowing back in anger for whatever, and it may have been egregious enough to cause them to riot as seen. Be that as it may, I still side with the praying Catholic people linked together. Pretty courageous for the young men to not disperse the riotous crowd. Whether those topless women hate Catholics or Vise versa, it is deeper than surface hate. Making sense of it all may be unattainable, but I'll try.