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I want to agree -

I honestly want to agree with what you are saying here, but unless every officer you are referring to is an Oath Keeper - as they should be - I cannot in good conscience accept your argument. Equal justice under law does not exist within our society. I would like to think that the police do care when they themselves are breaking the law, when they themselves have committed and offense, but the rule of law only seems to apply when it is convenient. It's a bad precedence that has made law-enforcement unnecessarily difficult, turned the good-guys into the villains, something you could even call blow-back. To say that there is no Constitution is incorrect. What can be said of the sweeping sentiment among law enforcement today is that Constitutional Rights are laws they themselves simply do not have to follow. We the people do care about that!

It is true that most of the police officers I have known in my lifetime have been honest, hard-working and reliable individuals, some are even my friends, but it is no longer a question of a few bad apples when the public is not really given a choice regarding their "elected officials". They are disallowed reason by social stigma and the educational system, then presented with two candidates that support the same disregard for law on the government-level yet who appear radically different. But their choice never really mattered - it's a catch-22 where law-enforcement is concerned.

Still, I do agree that a general "hate the police" attitude is counter-productive to liberty and morally disgusting. We are all people after all.